Bielefeld 1999
At may 7th Vicky Leandros gave the last concert of her 1999 "Weil mein Herz Dich nie mehr vergißt"-tour in the Oetkerhalle in Bielefeld.
Vicky Leandros
The concert and tour were a big hit. Leandros gave 25 concerts in cities through Germany and Austria.
Vicky Leandros
The tour delayed for two months, because Vicky suffered from Laryngitis (a sore throat), earlier this year. She demonstrated her regained health in this lovely concert, because her voice is still in very good shape. This does not only count for her voice; in her late forties she still looks great. Sexy little gowns, transparent textiles and glitters are completing the young image she already has for more than thirty years.
Vicky Leandros




Her career has shown more ups than downs. It started in 1965, when her first record "Messer, Gabel, Schere, Licht" immediately became a hit in Germany. Three years later the success became international with "L’amour est blue". This record, specially made for the Eurovision Song Contest, is still the best sold festival-record ever. In ‘72 she won this contest with "Apres toi", and sold more than 6.000.000 copies of it. During the seventies she succeeded with a countless number of albums, television-portraits, tours in different languages and countries. Who can not remember mega hits like "Ich hab’ die Liebe geseh’n" (1,5 000.000 copies) and "Theo, wir fahr’n nach Lodz"?

From the beginning of the eighties until 1995 Vicky had a long career-pause, because of her family. She did only a few projects and made some hits ("A l’Est d’Eden" and "Verlorenes Paradies"). In following of the German schlager revival, Jack White persuaded her in 1995 to make a comeback. Her name came back in the charts with the album "Lieben und Leben". The huge sell of more than 40.000.000 records worldwide is her most prestigious result until now.

Vicky Leandros / Jan van Alphen
The songs were mixed well in this concert; Greek folkloristic songs, chansons, ballad’s and her successful 70’seventies schlagers The accent seems to lie more on romantic popsongs, a repertoire she intends to extend in the next years. Her voice seems to suit this kind of songs very well, stronger; she excels in it! Her public enjoy it too. For the same reason she recently changed from record company (Warner Brothers). In the autumn she intends to release a new album.
Vicky Leandros
The concert opened with "So stark hab’ ich noch nie gefühlt". Through changing the text slightly, Vicky thanked her audience for coming, for their patience and understanding for the delayed tour. In a fast speed she sang a lot of old and new songs, in different languages. The best examples are "Lago Maggiore im Schnee", "Apres toi", "L’amour est blue", "Dreams are good friends" and "Wie sich Mühlen dreh’n im Wind (The windmills of your mind).

The highlights were definitely "Free again", John Lennon’s’ "Love", Mort Schumanns’ "Le Lac Marjeur" and "Weil mein Herz Dich nie mehr vergißt". The last one caused a thrill through the audience and the applause last minutes long. These songs made once again clear that Vicky is a performer of the highest level.
Vicky Leandros


Because it was her last concert, the young and talented crew was in a very good mood. Teasing Vicky with little jokes (backing vocals a little bit to long, little clownish acts, frequent screaming for "Theo,..."), they expressed their gratitude for the good cooperation. Leandros enjoyed it, had a several long laughs and made jokes ("Yes, so you can see a "Theo,..." in almost every song this evening."). It gave this concert a very pleasant and intimate character. Leandros also acted very informal; relaxed as an experienced performer for a big audience.
Vicky Leandros
The concert ended with evergreens like "Die Bouzouki Klang", "Hey John Mc Kenzie", "Ich hab’ die Liebe Geseh’n" and of course "Theo,.......". In tears she thanked her faithful fans, who supported her for such a long time with the song "Amazing Grace".
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