Gefühle 1997
Vicky LeandrosVicky Leandros

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Nice of you to visit my Home page. Saturday (18 October 1997), my wife Carla and I went to Schmallenberg in Germany. I'll give you our impression of Vicky's first concert of her new tour through 15 cities in Germany.

In one word; this concert was great! Both, her voice and looks are in a very good shape. What a gifted talent! The audience adored her, they gave her already standing ovations halfway the concert and only let her go after five extra's. I suggest, when you get a chance, go and experience it yourself, you do not want to miss this!

Vicky Leandros

This concert contains a lot of subtle transitions of old and new material; schlagers, chansons and folk songs. Vicky's voice seems to suite all genres. Her sound is clear, strong and with a remarkable great reach. With these vocal talent she gives most of the songs a extra dimension. Her presentation is very charming, sexy and humoristic. And above all, she seems to enjoy herself!

Typical of this concert is also the remarkable quantity of ballads. Personally, I think her strongest talent is singing these kind of songs, because of the emotion she's showing. Her texts refer to general feelings of experiences we all share. "Free again", "Ich fange ohne dich nue an", "So stark hab' Ich noch nie gefühlt" and "Wie sich Mühlen dreh'n im Wind" are the nicest examples of this genre.

Very enjoyable is also her voyage to the past. Vicky, invites us in her own private atmosphere, is sitting in an easy nostalgic chair, drinking tea, tells us little jokes about the remarkable events in her career. In the meanwhile, she's singing fragments of songs we didn't hear from her for a long time, like "Messer, Gabel, schere Licht", "A taste of Honey", "Wie die wilden Schwäne", "Le Temps des Fleurs", and even a Japanese song.

Vicky LeandrosVicky Leandros

Then she starts her little Greek party, "When bouzoukis played", the audience is dancing, while she's singing folksongs, like "To fegari inekokkino" and the naughty Greek version of "Maria mit dem gelben Kleid". The audience loved it.

After introducing her crew, and specially her keyboard player, the famous Billy King, they all sing together a capella version of "Grußen an Sarah", definitely one of the highlights of this concert.

At the end, of course Vicky is obliged to sing her greatest German successes, like "Theo, Wir fahr'n nach Lodz", "Ich hab' die Liebe Geseh'n" and "Die Bouzouki Klang durch die Sommernacht". Then, after the public is screaming for the hundredth time "Zugabe, zugabe", she promise to come back again with "Auf wiedersehn, ihr Freunde mein". And finally the public is willing to let her go.

20-10-1997 Jan van Alphen

Vicky Leandros
Thanks to Paul Aijtink, our Dutch Fan Club leader! We got the opportunity to meet Vicky and her friendly husband Enno von Ruffin. We showed her the results of our Home page, and she loved it! Specially her transformations into other famous persons.
Jan & Vicky
Jan and Vicky
Vicky Leandros
Vicky signing my CD
CD Vicky

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