Webdesign projects
MDD For my brother's company Meijsen Directional Drilling I made this site to promote his business.
Hans Dillesse Artist, painter, makes wonderful portraits, landscapes, woodcuts etc.
This site is worth a visit!
Geenen Bedrijfsjuristen The finishing touch and maintenance.......
Greet & Wil (birthday site) For the 65th birthday of Greet (my mother in law) and her best friend Wil
Grip Igno Ponsioen - ARBO / ergonomie info
Johan Ponsioen Painter
GraveYart Paris graveyards (Père-Lachaise - Montparnasse - Montmartre - Catacombes)
Stitch 'n Bitch Nederland  
Stitch 'n Bitch-Dag 2007  
The Dutch Knitters