Diana's autograph



Diana's eternal flame
Diana's eternal flame

Although there is no prove at all, from the day Diana died, rumors started about the real causes of her death.

First rumors came from the Middle East. The Libian television declared she was murdered by the British secret-services, the MI6. Mohammed Ragab, an Egyptian declared in his book "Who murdered Diana?" she was murdered by order of the Royal Palace.

There are two major conspiracy theories about her death;

Theory 1:

Diana was killed by the MI6, The British Secret Service. Probably they used a little bomb, developed by the SAS (special anti-terrorism-team), placed in the motor of the Mercedes. There are also witnesses who claimed to have seen a very bright flashlight, that blinded Henri Paul. The flashlight was probably made by a person on a motorbike, riding next to the Mercedes. Devices that can made such a extremely bright flash are supposed to be in the possession of the MI6.

Pregnant!?Diana as a moslem?
Pregnant?Married to a Moslem?

Diana should have been pregnant for six weeks and intended to marry Dodi Fayed. The night of the accident Diana and Dodi made a phone call to Mohammed El Fayed to tell him they intended to pronounce their engagement next monday. It was suggested that pictures of Diana in bathing-suite in august 1997 showed a beginning pregnancy. The fact she intended to diminish her activities in the last part of 1997 (phone call to Kay, royal correspondent at the night of the 30th of august).

After her divorce, Diana became financially independent, and was no longer a official member the Royal Family. The establishment behind this family had no longer influence on Diana, who always has been seen by them as a dangerous, dissident and unstable figure. Getting rid of her became the best solution to all probable scenarios. It is said that the MI6 followed Diana during her stay in Paris. Others said the trip was decided on the last moment, so a murder couldnīt have been planned. Prime-minister Blair declared that the MI6 had no activities in Paris during the night of the accident.

Her pregnancy and marriage to Dodi Fayed would have caused a huge scandal that could damage the reputation of the British Royal Family, the Anglican Church and British society in general. The mother of the future king, related to the Moslem world was not wanted.

Medical reports are top-secret and will never be published. Pregnancy-tests are a normal procedure in these cases, so the results must be known to someone.

Diana's last picture
Diana's last picture
Theory 2:
It is also suggested that she was murdered in order of headfigures in the weapon industry, because of the impact of her anti landmine campaign earlier in '97 on the general public view in these matters. One of the results was the British prohibition on export and the use of landmines. Diana was familiar to the Clintons, with the impact that Bill Clinton considered this for the USA. This would certainly damage the incomes of the weapon industry. After Diana's death the anti-landmine organization won the Nobel prize for peace.
The site of the crash
The crash
Tunnel Ponte de L'Alma

Tunnel Pont d'Alma

Questions that are never answered:

1 It took almost 1 hour and 40 minutes before they moved Diana to the hospital, and not even the closest one, why ?
2 Diana was reanimated, while she had never should have been under those circumstances (several American and French surgeons declared). Her medical treatment was not appropriate. Why did the French choose for this procedure?
3 Why does the doctor Frederic Mailliez, who gave Diana first aid, said that he didn't recognize her, until he saw the broadcast on CNN?
4 Why didn't the doctor who attended to her first go with her by ambulance to the hospital?
5 The photo cameras (to snap cars over the allowed speed-limit), along the route, were not in use that night. Why?
6 Also other strategic placed cameras in the center didn't photograph anything, how could this happened?
7 The police gave the areas around the Pont de l'Alma free, just after a few ours the accident took place. Why?
8 Several cars were involved by this accident. Why didn't they find the 'white' Fiat Uno or the motorbike, also involved?
9 Henry Paul did have a such a high Co2- percentage in his blood (20%), experts said 40% is enough to kill a human. Why did only Henri Paul had such a high percentage of Co2 in his blood?
10 Henry Paul took a lot of tranquilizers, just before had to drive. He also drunk a lot. Friends, colleague's and his parents declared Paul had an excellent reputation as a driver and employee of the Ritz-hotel. No one noticed his condition during that night. Why?
11 It is said the British Secret Service was active during the night of the accident, is this correct?
12 Several witnesses declared controversial things; flashing camera's and a very loud crash, gave some witnesses the impression of a assassination. Why?
13 The things that are removed from the car after the accident, are never found. Why?
14 Official sources claim that Diana didn't say anything after the crash. Mohammed El Fayed, as well as Mailliez, claim she did say a few words.  What did she say?
Mohammed El FayedTrevor Rees-Jones
Mohammed El Fayed - Trevor Rees-Jones
Mohammed El Fayed is convinced Diana and his son are murdered, he started his own investigations. The result of the police inquiries will be announced in October, this year.