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1961, July 1thDiana, Princess of Wales Birth: Lady Diana Frances Spencer, named after her mother and one of her female ancestors
Time: late in the afternoon, weight: 7 pounds
Age father: 37, mother: 25
Daughter of Frances Roche and Edward John Spencer, Earl of Spencer / Althorp, married in 1954
Sister: Lady Jane Fellowes, married with Sir Robert Fellowes
Sister: Lady Sarah McCorquodale, married with Neil McCorquodale, may 1980
Brother: Charles, Earl of Spencer/Althorp, born in 1964, married in 1989 Victoria Lockwood, divorced 1997
Children: Kitty 1991, Amelia and Eliza (twins) 1993
Grandmother: Ruth, Lady Fermoy, death: autumn 1993
Grandfather: The 7th Earl of Spencer, deceased: June 9th 1975
Diana stayed her early years in Parkhouse, Norfolk

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Marriage parents in decline,
Frances started a relationship with Peter Shand Kydd (businessman / heir of a wall-paper-factory)
1968 Siffield school, King's Lynn
1969, AprilLady Raine Divorce parents, mother remarried with Peter Shand Kydd, later divorced
They lived in Buckinghamshire, later they moved to Appleshore in Itchenor, coast West Sussex
Peter Kydd gave Diana her nickname Duchess
Father remarried with Lady Raine Spencer on July 14th1977, Lady Raine is the formal Lady Lewisham and Duchess of Darhmouth, daughter of Barbara Cartland, writer
1970 Boardingschool, Riddlesworth Hall near Diss in Norfolk
Mother of Diana
Frances and Peter Shand Kydd bought a farm on the island Seil, Oban in Argyllshire, Frances still lives here
1972 Prince Charles met Camilla Parker-Bowles
1972 Diana's grandmother, The Countess Spencer deceased
1972 Diana went to Riddlesworth Hall, Diss Norfolk
Diana and Camilla
Marriage Andrew and Camilla Parker-Bowles
1973 West Heath boardingschool, Sevenoaks, Kent, founded in 1865
Diana met Carolyn Bartholomew, who became a close friend
1975 Family moved to Althorp House, Althorp, Northampton
1975 June 9th Diana's grandfather, the 7th Earl of Spencer deceased, aged 83
Diana got the title Lady Diana Spencer
1977, July 14th Diana, aged 16, met Charles, Prince of Wales
1978 Institute Alpin Videmanette, near Gstaad, finishing-school in Switzerland
Living on her own in London
Jobs: waitress, baby-sitter/nanny and charwoman, assistant Young England crèche in Plimco
1978 Marriage sister Jane to Robert Fellowes, Guards Chapel, Diana was bridesmaid
Robert became the steward of Queen Elisabeth II
1979, July Father bought Diana an apartment in London, Coleherne Court 60, Kensington London for her 18th, costs £50.000,-
Carolyn Bartholomew lived with her
1979 Jobs: waitress, baby-sitter/nanny and cleaninglady
assistant Young England Crèche in Plimco
1980, July Diana met Prince Charles, Petworth, West Sussex
First rumors about an affair between them
February 6th
Windsor Castle: Charles proposed
1980 Sister Sarah married to Neil Mccorquodale, ex-officer of the Coldstream Guards
February 24th
Diana moved to Clarence House to stay with the Queen-Mother
July 29th Marriage: the kiss!
Marriage in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, 750.000.000 spectators

Design wedding dress: David & Elizabeth Emanuel
Hairdresser: Kevin Shanley
Visagist: Barbera Daly

1981 Houses: Highgrove, Gloucestershire, Cornwall Kensington Palace, London
1981, November 5th Announcement Diana's pregnancy of Prince William
June 21th
Birth of Prince William Arthur, 21:03, (Lindo) St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington
August 4th 1982: baptism Prince William
September 15th  Diana and her sons William and Harry
Birth of Prince Harry Albert, 16:20, (Lindo) St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington
1986, July Marriage Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew
1989 Recording conversation between Diana and James Gilby, Sandringham (Squidgy-tape)
1991 Accident Prince William
1991 Christmas: Queen Elizabeth declared not to have any intention to resign soon
1984-1992Diana and James HewittDiana and Will CarlingJames GilbyOliver HoareHasnat Khan Decline in relationship Diana and Charles,
Diana claimed that after the birth of Prince Harry serious marriage-trouble started
Diana was supposed to have affairs with James Hewitt (1986-1991), James Gilby auto-dealer, Will Carlin, rugbyplayer (1993), David Waterhouse, major garde-regiment, Oliver Hoare, Art-dealer and Hasnat Khan, surgeon and Christopher Whalley, stockbroker.
She only admitted to have an affair with James Hewitt (Panorama-interview, 1994)
Charles had a relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles, before, during and after their marriage.
Parker-Bowles is the daughter of Major Bruce Shand, winetrader, game-keeper, Vice-represent of the Crown in East-Sussex. She is the granddaughter of Alice Keppel, mistress of Edward VII. Charles admitted this 'affair' from 1985, when he supposed his marriage was over.
1992-1991, JuneCover of 'Diana, her true story' Publication "Diana; Her True Story", Andrew Morton,
Diana co-operated on this book, answering questions on tapes
June 7th publication in the Sunday Times
1992 Publication Squidy-tapes; telephone-conversations with James Gilby, her lover, The Sun. Recorded in 1989 at Sandringham
1992, March Divorce Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
March 29th Diana's father, the earl of Spencer
Diana's father, the Earl of Spencer, deceased
December 9th
Prime minister John Major announced that Diana and Charles would be separated
1992 Queen declared that 1992 was her Annus Horribilis
1993 Publication Camilla-tapes; telephone-conversations between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles
1993, May Reconciliation with Lady Raine
1993, June Charles admitted his adultery with Camilla Parker-Bowles in a TV-interview with Jonathan Dimberley, 13.000.000 spectators
Lady Fermoy, Diana's grandmother deceased
1993, December Diana reduced the number of charity-goals from 150 to 6; The British Red Cross, The Anti-Personnel Land Mines Campaign / Centrepoint Soho / English National Ballet / The Leprosy Mission / National Aids Trust / Royal Marsden NHS-trust / Great Ormond St. Hospital for Children NHS Trust / American Red Cross
1994, November 20th Interview "Panorama" BBC, Martin Bashir
Diana admitted her bulimia-disease, her affair with James Hewitt and her consent for "Diana; Her True Story".
February 28thDiana's weddingring
St James´s Palace
Diana agreed to have an official divorce
1996, July 15th Divorce from bed and board
August  28th
Official divorce; Diana received £17.000.000, but lost her royal tittle. Her new tittle became: Diana, Princess of Wales
1996, December New York
Diana received 'The Humanitarian of the Year'-Award from Henry Kissinger

Diana reduced the number of charity-goals from 150 to 5: Centrepoint Soho / The Leprosy Mission / National Aids Trust / Royal Marsden NHS-trust / Great Ormond St. Hospital for Children NHS Trust

1997 Diana met Sir Richard Attenborough, at the premiere of the film 'In Love and War'. The theme of the film was the causes of landmines. Mike Whitlam, director-general of the Red Cross persuaded Diana to support this issue and to do trips to Angola and Bosnia. One of the results was the British prohibition on export and use of landmines. Bill Clinton also considered this for the USA.
1997, May Diana discussed her future-role with Tony Blair, goal: Humanitarian Ambassador for England
1997, summer Auction Diana's dresses at Christie's, New York
gain: Fl. 7.000.000,-- for the Aids Trust
1997, August Dodi Fayed Affair Emad Al-Fayed (Dodi Fayed), born April 15th 1956
Dodi was the son of Mohammed El Fayed and Samira Kashoggi, sister of Adnan, weapon-trader
August 4th The kiss
Picture of the kiss, made by Mario Brenna, Italian paparazzo

August 30th
Dodi bought Diana a ring; 'Dis-Moi Oui', designed by Alberto Repossi, probable an engagement ring, cost: £130.000, place Beaumarchais
Dodi's servant Rene Delorm declared Dodi never gave it to her, he intended to give it on the night of the accident, as he also wanted to propose to her. After the accident Delorm found the ring in Dodi's apartment at the Champs Elysees in Paris and handled it over to Mohammed El Fayed.
August 30th
18:30 Diana called Richard Kay, royalty-correspondent of the Daily Mail. She told him she wanted to diminish her engagements in November. She didn't told him the specific reason for her decision. Kay assumed she intended to marry Dodi.
The Spencer-family didn't confirm this, but Charles Spencer remembered their relationship in his funeral-speech.
August 31th Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière
Diana deceased, age 36, at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital at 04:00
Cause: Car-crash
Location: Pont de l'Alma, Paris
Car: Mercedes S-280 (688 LTV 75), build in 1994
Dodi Fayed deceased, age 41, at 01.30, Fayed is buried in Brookwood Woking, England
Driver Henri Paul (born in 3/7/1956) deceased
Trevor Rees-Jones, bodyguard, survived
September 6thDiana's coffin
Funeral Diana
Quests Westminster Abby: 1900
Procession: 2.000.000
Spectators England: 25.000.000
The Netherlands: 4.000.000
Worldwide: 2,5 milliard
Diana was buried in a cocktaildress, designed by Catherine Walker
Diana, Her true Story, Andrew Morton 1997
A tribute to the People´s Princess Diana, Peter Donnelly, 1997
Death of a Princess, Thomas Sancton & Scott Macload, 1998