Bottoms Up!

Although we own 'just' 5 cats, we have a real cattery name: Bottoms up!

The cats live in the house, and don't come out, except for visiting Uncle Vet!

In 1996 Coquette won a U1 (best Chocolate Point Siamese of the show) and Périgord won 'Third best housecat'. In January 1997 we showed Ambrosius, Daphina and Périgord. Périgord won a trophy for second best housecat, Daphina got her CAC (third of her Championstitle) and Ambrosius got his CAP (also third of his title!). He also was nominated Best in Show!

They all are very sweet and socially very well adjusted.
A few of their privileges: once a week boiled meat, more attention as even they can bear and sleeping in the big bed!

Bottums Up!

Bottums Up!
The daily rituals......